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Planning an Event for our valued customers and suppliers is no easy task. I know you spent a great deal of time planning each detail to ensure the workshop sessions, exhibit show, and meal functions would run smoothly. Your flexibility to adapt strategy quickly, according to our needs, was greatly appreciated. Your negotiations with the hotel and sub-contractors, leadership, organization and management skills, and attention to every detail resulted in our coming in substantially under budget.

Kevin Archibald, Marketing Manager
Dataflex Corporation


We handle the design, printing & mailing of your collateral and promotional materials: event notices, registration packets, exhibitor registration packets, programs, etc. We receive all responses and process the information. Our meeting management software provides you with on-line registration capability, e-mail marketing and immediate access to information about your Event. We can produce reports such as: attendance, session, financial, exhibitor, and many other valuable reports.

We will generate invoices and collect all monies due for registration, tournaments, and activities.

Individual letters are customized to verify registration information such as sessions, activities and payment. These confirmations are automatically sent via e-mail to those who register on-line.

Our high quality laser badges are customized for your event. We also provide a variety of customized title badge holders and lanyards.

Our professional staff will greet your attendees and provide them with aname badge, event tickets, local attraction and restaurant information to welcome them upon arrival.

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